100,000 French households produce their own electricity



Energy: 100,000 French households produce their own electricity

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C. Becwort, M. Dreujou, N. Bensmail, E. Fromentin – France 2

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In these times of seeking energy sobriety, of skyrocketing electricity bills, more than 100,000 French households are on the fringes of this crisis. Simply because they produce their own electricity.

For six months, a quarter of the roof of his house was covered with solar panels. Thanks to them, Patrick Thomazon produces part of his electricity. Swimming pool with heat pump, fully equipped kitchen, the house of this young retiree consumes a lot of energy. your bill amounted to more than 1,400 euros a year. So the panels allow you to save 200 euros in two months. On sunny days, when there is surplus production, the panels even allow you to resell your electricity to EDF.

But the system has its limits. The electricity produced by Patrick Thomazon’s photovoltaic panels is not stored. Not being autonomous, it is forced to take energy from the network. In total, the installation will have cost 13,000 euros. Your investment should pay for itself in 10 years. Energy independence has long been achieved by the owners of a building in Loire-Atlantique, known as “the autonomous house”. Patrick and Brigitte Baronnet are pioneers in this field. His first installation, thermal panels to heat water. Today, his choice has become a model. Every month, dozens of people come to be inspired by the autonomous house.

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